Perspectives on Strategic IQ from Practitioners and Scholars Around the Globe

“Terrifying but true! Wells zeroes in with supreme intellectual precision on the heavy price firms pay for moving too slowly on the business battlefield.”
          Bill Roedy, ex CEO, MTV Networks International, USA

“Wells makes a compelling case for dramatic change for those at the helm – and suggests ways to push beyond the limits of traditional thinking and behaviors that can stand in the way of innovation.”
          Ron Sargent, CEO of Staples, Inc. USA

“A comprehensive compendium for any CEO trying to drive excellence in their company. John Wells masterfully links the need for a winning strategy, a smart structure and business model for flawless execution, and the kind of human capital and culture needed to sustain excellence through wrenching change. A must read for any CEO looking to jumpshift their company’s performance.”
          Michael White CEO, DirectTV, USA

“Our people, strategy and culture are what make us special. Wells offers insightful research into how these factors influence strategic intelligence and offers real world, practical advice to raise your company’s Strategic IQ.”
          Glenn Renwick, CEO of Progressive Corporation, USA

John Wells has created the next strategic classic. He brings the strategic, structural and human capital challenges together into a holistic view of the challenges of change and survival in an increasingly complex changing world.”
          Saul J. Berman, Global leader of Strategy and Change, IBM USA

“The Danaher Business System is about “doing the right things, well.”  Wells’  book compelling makes the case for tightly weaving a firm’s strategic, operational and organizational initiatives into whole cloth before well-meaning but fractured, functional efforts cause even the most successful company to unwind.”
          Larry Culp, CEO of Danaher, USA

 “John Wells does an enormous service to the science of strategy by categorizing and describing simple and practical measures and mental models that distinguish great firms from the rest.”
          John Pittenger, Senior Vice President of Koch Industries Inc., USA

“Profound and objective thoughts for all firms focused on long term success.  Wells examines rigorously the role of structure and people in shaping successful cultures for long term survival.”
          Marcelo Odebrecht, CEO of Odebrecht S.A., Brazil

“An essential read for leaders of any organization in these turbulent times.”
          Charles Gurassa, Deputy Chairman of easyJet, UK

“Hard-hitting and stimulating, Wells’ thesis carries a robust message that should make business leaders the world over sit up and think. From the sociology of wolves to the demise of Circuit City, this book is at one a diverting read and at the same time a brutal wake up call for the business establishment.”
          Archie Norman, Chairman of ITV, UK

“John Wells is one of the world’s finest strategic thinkers. Especially during these tumultuous times, every business leader should read Strategic IQ.”
          David Soskin, Chairman of mySupermarket.co.uk

“As always, Wells gets to the heart of outstanding performance. Neither leadership nor analysis by themselves is enough. It’s the combination that is potent. This is a must-read for anyone in a position of authority.”
          Gerald Corbett, Chairman of Supermarketmoney.com, Chairman of Betfair, UK

“Wells brings his famously sharp mind and uncompromising approach to a brilliant new book. Deeply researched and beautifully crafted, you will enjoy the read, but flinch at the implications.”
          Dan Cobley, Managing Director of Google, UK

“Always stimulating, John Wells will challenge your mindset and stretch your ambition.  Strategic IQ is a powerful antidote to organizational complacency.”
         Luke Mayhew, Chairman of British Retail Consortium, UK (ex Managing Director,
         John Lewis Partnership)