I have posted a number of video clips of me describing my work.  I hope to post more in-depth material soon.

Ability to Adapt to a Changing Environment

If a firm fails to change as fast as the competitive environment, it will eventually fail; it is not a matter of “if” but “when”.

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I have provided a selection of cases to illustrate important aspects of strategic intelligence.  For instance:-

  • Best Buy Co., Inc.: Competing on the Edge
    John R. Wells and Travis Haglock
  • The Rise of Circuit City Stores, Inc.
    John R. Wells and Galen Danskin

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I have posted  a selection of my speeches that illustrate my point of view on a number of topics.  For example:-

  • Why do Successful Companies Fail?
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Managing in a Crisis

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Test Your Strategic IQ

What is your company’s Strategic IQ?

  • Assess it in five minutes
  • Compare it to major competitors
  • Identify priorities to get smarter


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Best Buy in Crisis

Best Buy has suffered many near-death experiences over the years. Will it survive this one?

In 2012, It is still number one in the world in consumer electronics retailing, but Amazon is snapping at its heels; and now the CEO and Chairman have been forced out.

What next?

Estimated Date: June 30, 2012

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The Fall of Circuit City

Circuit City was once the greatest consumer electronics retailer in the world. It took 8 long years from the first major signs of financial stress to the eventual bankruptcy of the firm.

What did the leadership team do to save it? Why didn’t it work?

Estimated Date: June 30, 2012